Hi, My Name Is Renzo

Hi, my name is Renzo Di Florio, and I am the creator of theplanetjourney©, a joint action for a sustainable planet.


Renzo Di Florio

I am a Veterinarian who grew up in the countryside of a small Italian town and moved to live and work in the United Kingdom years ago. I have spent most of my professional time trying to improve the quality of life of animals and the environmental and economic sustainability of farm enterprises.

The website is born following my passion for science, animals and nature ad the desire to help people and myself to better understand how to create a planet where nature, animals and people live harmoniously together. A Planet where scientific discoveries, social progress and new technologies can help protect our planet’s fragile nature and its people.

The key to our journey on this planet is understanding our relationship with it. How food is produced, how humans interact and affect the lives of animals and the well-being of our environment. We need the earth, and the earth needs us to thrive and survive.


The Planet Journey project

Renzo Veterinarian
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The goal of theplanetjourney© is to create a team of experts in sustainability innovations, sustainable food production, and ethical tourism and passionate about animals and nature.

Our value proposition is to raise awareness, disseminate knowledge, and help make informed decisions to allow an environmentally conscious lifestyle that respects nature and also helps improve people’s quality of life.

We all can play a role in the health of our planet and the well-being of its population, and we can enjoy the journey with a positive, optimistic approach. Learn how food is produced, animals are kept, how we can protect the environment, how nature evolves and works, and how to travel sustainably.

We aim to increase and facilitate the accessibility to information, innovative services and products around sustainability to everyone.


We have no desire to be perfect or judgemental of people’s decisions or life choices. Still, we want to create a place where people can find scientifically helpful information, products and services to help make decisions. We aim to provide information professionally and satisfy curiosities with an informal, fun and straightforward style.

We hope you will enjoy the journey with us and if you want to be part of it, please get in touch with us.

Renzo Di Florio Veterinarian
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I look forward to hearing from you.